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Kubernetes Automatic

Revolutionize your IT infrastructure. Take away the hard parts and allow for multiple clusters at the click of a button. Run your Kubernetes clusters with one automated orchestration system. Kubermatic - powered by Loodse.

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The Advantages

Fully managed and easy to deploy

fully managed

Set up managed Kubernetes clusters deployed with the click of a single button. Eliminate the time needed for stand-up and facilitate your application management with integrated capabilities such as logging and container health checking. Kubermatic ensures that your cluster is available and up-to-date at all times.

Efficient and flexible

easily deployable

Set-up on-premise, public cloud or hybrid scenarios to enhance efficiency of your infrastructure. Move workloads and take advantage of multiple cloud providers easily. Kubermatic supports DO and AWS, and we are adding more cloud providers every week.

Customized and scalable


Declare your applications in a simple YAML config file. Dynamically adjust the cluster resources allocated to your containers, or the size of your container cluster, as your application's requirements change. Kubermatic will schedule your containers as declared, and actively manage your application.

Supported Providers

Amazon Webservices
Digital Ocean
coming soon

Key Features

  • Key FeaturesAutomated cluster deployment
  • Key FeaturesSet up new clusters in minutes
  • Key FeaturesFully managed clusters (master components and nodes) for complete lifecycle
  • Key FeaturesScalable (horizontal scaling for workloads and nodes)
  • Key FeaturesMulti cloud provider support (more coming soon)
  • Key FeaturesMulti-tenant (multiple separate cluster centrally managed)
  • Key FeaturesEasily deploy add-ons